In previous issues of this magazine we have covered benefits of offering RTO to your customers, how to best market RTO, and consumer protection laws. Now let’s consider some factors that go into choosing an RTO provider for your business.

Over the last twenty years RTO for the shed industry has grown exponentially. Many small RTO providers have come—seemingly out of nowhere—to meet the demand created by manufacturers and retailers.

Barn and Shed companies that offer rent-to-own on sheds, gazebos, and other backyard products are commonplace in many communities. Most of these businesses offer low monthly payments and the option to purchase the product at the end of the contract or after some other specified time. Other incentives may include immediate delivery, no down payments, and no credit check.

Because rent-to-own is not “credit” in a technical, legal sense, credit applications and credit checks are not necessary. Rent-to-own is a reasonable alternative for consumers who find it difficult to qualify for installment credit due to their poor credit rating, low earnings, or sporadic income.