Take a peak behind the curtain at the man who,
for 30 years, has been Rent-to-own's voice of reason
By Kristen Card

Let's get one thing straight: Ed Winn would rather this article not exist.
Yes, he's celebrating his 30th anniversary with the Association of Progressive Rental Organizations and the rent-to-own industry overall.
Sure, he was one of the association's founders and remains not only the organization's general counsel, but also the industry's conscience. And okay, he sort of the walking, talking history of rent-to-own in America‚ and not a rose-colored retelling, either; Ed Winn III doesn't have a rose-colored bone in his body. What you get with Winn are the facts‚ good, bad, ugly or otherwise typically laced with interesting insights and wry commentary.

It was another great event!!!

A good time reconnecting with RTO business owners and operators.

Ed Winn Entertaining the crowd.

Ed has an amazing library of knowledge when it comes to RTO Law and History

"I was there when they wrote that" - Ed Winn


The 2011 2nd Annual NBSRA Convention 

Great information was shared. We were very excited to have Mr. Ed Winn present as well as Mr. Jack Sheedy.

Both shared on items pertinent to the Storage Building Rent to Own process.

Check the Downloads section (Member only) for the slide presentations.

Here are some pictures from the show:

The Registration Process