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Scott Strahm
Scott StrahmBLI Rentals, LLC
Mr. Strahm began investing in rental properties in 1975, and has continued since then in the business of buying, renovating and managing rental properties. Mr. Strahm and his wife, Kathy J. Strahm, founded REV LLC (originally named Strahm, LLC) in 2000 to manage their real estate investments. The Strahms continue to engage in this business,
but REV LLC is not a part of the BLI business.

Mr. Strahm worked as a salesman and estimator for Home Lumber Company beginning in 1977. Mr. and Mrs. Strahm founded a home renovation company in 1984, named New Dimension Products. In 1987 they purchased an ABC Seamless franchise to have a specialty and premiere product for home improvement, which became Kansas’s largest volume dealer of the year for ABC Seamless and won the area small business of the year in 1990. This business was sold in 2010.

The Strahms founded the BLI Rentals business in 2002. Mr. Strahm is a member of 12th Avenue Baptist Church (Emporia), serving on their finance committee and board of deacons, and he is a member of Gideon’s International, serving as president of the local camp.

Bradley Kimberlin
Bradley Kimberlin37% Consulting
Bradley Kimberlin has been involved in the Rent to Own Shed industry since 2005. He has experience in collections, customer relations, inventory management, dealer support and legal issues. His years of hands-on experience provides a real-life perspective on issues and concerns that arise. Bradley enjoys problem solving and is able to think through the details for systems and implementation of new ideas.

As Principal at 37% Consulting, he provides Operational and Marketing Consulting to small businesses, including RTO Providers and Shed Manufacturers.

Bradley married Regina in 2009 and has been blessed with two sons. He has traveled extensively in Central America, spending time in Guatemala and Honduras to learn Spanish.

An avid believer in Jesus Christ, he attends Osceola Christian Fellowship with his family. He serves on the school board for the local Christian school.
He believes that business is to bring glory to God in the workplace and provide funds for the growth of God’s Kingdom.

Matt Byler
Matt BylerMB Transport, LLC
Matt Byler is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and real estate investor/syndicator. He currently has multiple businesses and real estate holdings in domestic and international markets.

He is passionate about helping others to find both financial freedom and their mission on earth and directing profits to Kingdom focused ministries.

He resides with his wife and 5 children in Pennsylvania.

Nick Garrard
Nick GarrardWilkins Patterson Smith Pumphrey and Doty
Nick Garrard was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta. He graduated cum laude from Ole Miss in 2003, and from Ole Miss School of Law in 2006.

Mr. Garrard advises companies on a variety of day-to-day legal issues, and assists them in efficient handling of accounts and business practices. He also represents business clients as creditors in bankruptcy cases, and assists in collections and replevin matters. Mr. Garrard has experience engaging and managing local counsel in many other states, and overseeing these cases to ensure client satisfaction.

Nick and his wife make their home in Jackson, Mississippi with their two kids, and are active members of St. James’ Episcopal Church.

Timothy Rudolph
Timothy RudolphWatson Barn Rentals
Timothy Rudolph resides in Morrison, TN and brings 15 years of experience to Watson Barn Rentals, LLC, a portable shed Rent-to-Own company. Prior to serving in his current management position, Timothy served as Office Manager for a sister company of Watson Barn Rentals, Watson Management, Inc. Timothy began working in the portable shed industry at the age of 17 as a manufacturer and has since worked in every aspect of the business, including manufacturing, hauling, sales, delivery and installation. He has spent the last several years in management where his years of experience and exceptional critical thinking skills give him a unique perspective when dealing with any issues brought to him by customers, haulers, and manufacturers alike.
Brian Haag
Brian HaagBLI Rentals, LLC
Brian Haag is the Chief Operating Officer of BLI Rentals, LLC, a unique company focused on providing ownership solutions of sheds and outdoor equipment. BLI is committed to The Power of Ownership© for all their customers. Brian graduated from Pittsburgh State University in 2003 and joined BLI full-time in 2006. He lives in Emporia, KS with his wife and three children.
Olen Yoder
Olen YoderProbuilt Buildings
Olen was born and raised in Paris, TN. As an entrepreneur, he doesn’t meet a stranger, which helps him with managing multiple businesses.

Married for 15 years, he and his wife Charity are blessed with a beautiful family of 4 boys and 3 girls. They reside in Mississippi, a state that they love, and are active in their local church and community. As a family, they enjoy singing, the outdoors, biking, hunting, and camping.
The owner of PROBUILT, he excels in sales, marketing, & customer service. The company focuses on providing sheds, garages, barns, and steel building structures. As PROBUILT grew they saw the need of providing their customers with payment options. PRO SOUTH RENTALS was established as a rent-to-own company which compliments PROBUILT.

Coming from a 3rd generation meat processing background, Olen still enjoys keeping his connection with the meat and food industry. In 2016, he and his sons had a vision to produce the best, premium meat snacks in the southeast. They formed YODER BRANDS and worked hard to develop products with their own recipes. As of 2017 they were excited to be USDA inspected and in retail markets.

His goal is to serve the community, and customers, and share the love of Jesus in his everyday life.

Tanner Leibee
Tanner LeibeeMyShedRental
Tanner & his wife Rebecca live with their 4 children near Salisbury NC where he manages day to day operations at MyShedRental & several other RTO companies. He & Matthew Weaver also designed & run RTOSign, a cloud based portal, for RTO contract interaction in the industry. Tanner and his wife spent their first 9 years of marriage serving as Bible Storytellers among a Muslim people group Ghana, West Africa, and still make regular trips abroad to train leaders as Christ-followers.

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